Indonesia is a Muslim-majority country with its population made up of over 200 ethnic groups. In the 5th century, Hinduism and Buddhism were introduced to the area, followed by Islam in the 14th century. Muslims account for 88% of the population, while Christians make up 9% of the population. The territory of modern Indonesia was first inhabited by Austronesian peoples migrating south from Southeast Asia between 6000 and 3000 BCE. And entered the Indian Ocean trade network by 2000 BCE. This trading era, which went on until around 1400 CE, when the sailing age took hold, saw the establishment of numerous trading ports and maritime civilizations around Indonesia.

Most of the Indonesian law actually follows the Muslim religious rules also. As the alcohol also actually can’t be consumed by the Muslim people. The Indonesian government is taking a very good effort to improve the air quality in Indonesia. Air pollution has become a massive problem, not only because of urbanization but also due to the burning of fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. Indonesian girls are mostly pretty and quiet. Shy and very beautiful.