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Big Boobed Doll Sindy H Gets Fucked in the Missionary Pose

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Slowly my cock began to stick to the lips of his pubic hole, and Rina was getting moaning. Immediately I pressed my pubic head, but failed because it was held up by something chewy. I was thinking, whether this small hole will be able to accommodate this big cock.

But with great encouragement, I tried. Finally my efforts were successful. With one jolt, break through the barrier. Rina shrieked a little, her forehead scrunched up in pain. His fingernails gripped the skin of my back. I pressed again, and felt the tip of my cock hitting the bottom even though only 3/4 of my cock was entering.

A moment later the frown on Rina’s forehead disappeared, and I started pulling and pressing my hips. Rina frowned again, but after a while her mouth was slurring.

“Ouch.. sshh.. yes.. continue.. mmhh.. ouch.. delicious.. Oomm..”

I wrapped my arms around Dita’s back then turned our bodies so Dita was now sitting on my hip. Looks like 3/4 of my cock stuck in his cock. Without needing to be taught, Dita immediately moved her hips, while my fingers alternately squeezed and rubbed her chest, clitoris and hips, and we raced to the top.

After a while, Dita’s hips moved crazily and she bent her body and our lips crushed. His hands grabbed my hair, and finally his hips jerking halt. Feel the warm liquid ran all over my genitals.

After Dita’s body went limp, I pushed her back. And while on top of it, I chased after my own peak. When I reached the climax, Dita certainly felt the splash of my manic water in her hole, and she complained of weakness and felt her second orgasm.

For a long time we were panting silently, and our bodies drenched in sweat were still moving against each other, feeling the aftertaste of orgasmic pleasure.

“Ouch, Maass tantttoo. Dita is weak. But really delicious.”

I just smiled and stroked her hair smooth. My other hand is on her hip and squeezing. I thought my tired body had been satisfied, but soon I felt my weakened genitals rise again clamped by Dita’s vaginal canal which was still very tight.

Actors: Sindy H
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